Prima Goup
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Our value added food products bring nutrition to the nation with noodles, poultry and bakery goods.


Delicious Prima Noodles

Prima is proud to announce that Prima Noodles is the preferred brand in the Instant Noodle Category in Sri Lanka (Source: LMRB Household Panel Data), for its superior quality and nutritional value. It means that Prima Noodles is the No 1 instant noodle product in the island. This important achievement significantly endorses the excellent research, manufacturing excellence and quality standards which are carefully maintained by Prima.

State-of-the-art technology has made our plants in Sri Lanka, among the most advanced and sophisticated in the region. The Prima Noodle plant has been accredited with the ISO 9002 Quality Certification System and SLS Certification for the modern processes adopted and also for maintaining stringent product quality standards that have been specified by the government of Sri Lanka. Prima products are made to an international recipe using the best ingredients milled in our own mills. Our robust Research and Development strategy analyses the current and emerging needs of our consumers and customers. Concurrently it continues to innovate and develop a wide range of noodles that cater to the local palate as well as international trends in taste.
Prima KottuMee Range
Hot & Spicy Flavour-80g   Chicken Flavour-78g
Cheese & Onion Flavour-80g   Masala Flavour-78g
Hot & Spicy Cup Noodles   Fiery Seafood (soupy) Cup Noodles
Hot & Spicy Family Pack-400g  
Prima Stella Range
Chicken Flavour-74g   Curry Flavour-75g
Stella Batta (Small) - Chicken Flavour-45g   Creamy Chicken (Soupy) cup noodles
Chicken Flavour - Family Pack -400g      
Prima Stella Range - No Added MSG
Chicken Flavour-74g   Curry Flavour-75g
Vegetable Flavour-74g   Prawn Flavour-75g
Prima Toppz Broad Noodles
Toppz - Broad Instant Noodles Spice Up Flavour -80g    
Health Range
Kurakkan Noodles (Vegetable Flavour)-85g   Health++  Noodles-250g
Family Packs
Special Noodles(Mega Pack)-430g   Special Noodles-345g
Regular Noodles
Twist Noodles-400g   Twist Special Fine Noodles-400g
Fresh Noodles
Fresh Noodles-500g   Fresh Rice Kottu-500g