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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

The only baking educational centre in Sri Lanka to offer specialised and globally recognised professional baking courses

Prima Baking Training Centre (PBTC) was established in Rajagiriya, Colombo, in 2004 with the aim of developing the local baking trade and elevating the status of the baking industry in the region. A brainchild of Mr Primus Cheng, Chairman of Prima Group, the centre is the only baking educational institution in Sri Lanka which offers specialised skills training for professional and personal creative development, promoting modern baking techniques to local practitioners.

PBTC is the foremost leading educational institute for the baking and food service industry in Sri Lanka and the region. By providing professional baking training to the local community, it facilitates the transfer of skills and expertise, serving to raise the standards of bakers and trainees. As an accredited baking institute, PBTC is also committed to improving their capabilities and continual revision of the curriculum to meet the demands of the modern baking industry.

A licensee of the prestigious Baking Industry Training Centre (BITC) in Singapore, PBTC is complete with modern training facilities, providing a conducive environment for theoretical and practical training. The Centre offers an extensive range of programmes covering the full spectrum of baking and baking-related fields, with a wide range of courses for school leavers, homemakers, employees in the commercial baking, food and beverage and hotel industries.

Besides programmes focusing on the individual, PBTC also offers courses for business in the industry, such as enhancing bakery production for owners of baking establishments and attaining optimal use of equipment to produce top-quality products for bakery employees. These comprehensive programmes cover theory and practical training, ranging from topics such as the fundamentals of baking to the hands-on application of ingredients and baking techniques.

Courses are specially tailored to facilitate optimal learning, with each class holding a maximum of 24 students to cater for personalised training and attention. Students at PBTC can also benefit from foreign expertise, as overseas experts are often invited as guest trainers to conduct customised programmes for students.

PBTC is a registered institution with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka and offers professional diploma certification for the baking industry. Owned by Prima Ceylon Limited (PLC), the key supplier of wheat flour to Sri Lanka for over 25 years, the centre is supported by three of the largest wheat associations internationally – US Wheat Associates, the Canadian Wheat Board and the AWB Limited (formerly known as Australian Wheat Board.)

PBTC qualifications are highly sought after by the confectionary and hotel industries. Students can benefit from the synergy between PBTC and leading confectioneries and hotels in the region, paving the way for them to take up professional baking careers upon graduation.

PBTC is headed by Principal Ranjan Amarasinghe, a graduate from the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Having started out as a pastry chef in the Sri Lankan tourist industry, Mr. Amarasinghe went on to become a manager of an American baking chain for more than 10 years. His vast experience in baking and keen interest in the industry is demonstrated by his continued involvement and dedication to providing quality training for PBTC students. Assisted by an impressive teaching faculty who are full-time experts in the baking industry, PBTC has gained the reputation as the leading baking education centre for Sri Lanka and the region.

Diploma & Certificates

• Baking Principles (Bread, Cake & Pastry)
• Baking Industry Level 3
• Baking Industry Level 2
• Diploma in Baking
• Fundamentals in Baking
• Advance Baking
• Certificate in Cake Decoration

Special Courses

• Customised courses - Hands on
• Certificate Course in Bakery Management / Start your Business (SYB)